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  1. some of those will already come in the futur smash pet wont be part of raid box rest is coming in the futur already with variations
  2. mana

    Eternal <3

    done ty.
  3. Pos rework is in the road map for the next few updates. I will accept this , some of its feature might be present like stated in this, but some wont be the same. (full rework from scratch)
  4. mana


    done unnecessary as 99% of players knowns what this does and the 1% that doesn't are ussually new player that will get it explained by other players Already was approved/ notified we will be doing this This is a great idea. As of now, we are not working on a range set tho. We plan on releasing a Melee then Mage then range set. Slayer shop will be fully reworked due to point values being obnoxiously high for no real gain idea..? As of now we've been using magic as a Kill count efficient way to farm due to the AoE of oathkeeper and tried to buff it with t
  5. Hello, Like we chatted in PM, I think this is a great idea. It will be submitted to the staff team meeting to have others opinion on it. pending.
  6. mana


    We already overly stated that we will never make an infinity smash. denied.
  7. mana

    Donator Scrolls

    With the amount of scrolls being dropped in game it would defeat the purpose of actually donating for total. denied.
  8. he spawns every 10minute. when his respawn is broken just pm a staff they will fix it for you.
  9. mana

    Ruby Donator

    done. ty
  10. no since irons gets "benefits" out of playing it that heavily impacts their progression rate to a regular account.. 500m money makers /h becomes 1 qt , upgrading bfgs = 3x easier etc
  11. Hot fixes 01-12-21 -some more changes to some customs (1h to 2h, more dmg to balance out no off-hand, etc) -fixed UIM icon Part 2 (didnt full fix it last time for some reason) - ::settitle colorId title --- changed the set title to specify a color from 1 to 14 to take less space on the title length /handle color for people who dont know the codes. might support more color in the futur. - ::settitle no longer allows staff crowns & some unallowed words to be added (mod,trusted,owner,etc) - fixed supports having the same perms as mod - added voteboss & event
  12. mana


    done ty
  13. Hot Fixes since update launch -fixed eternal yell & eternal commands -fixed eternal prayer drain -added ::settitle & ::resettitle for eternals (you may add a custom color using the @[email protected]/@[email protected]/@[email protected]/@[email protected] etc) -fixed dev rank to properly show as dev and not server support -Jack Christmas set buffed from 1.5x dmg to 2x dmg (same as frieza like intended) -disabled clues/donor mbox until we fix a dupe -removed the 1000 5$ scroll drop of Kh2 and added the 1 5$ scroll as intended -fixed the bug where xmas event would give 2 top on completion -added junk value of 100m on
  14. the Idea behind it is for Ironmans to not abuse their 2x cash / increased upgrade. As you rack up more hours on your ironman, all of those becomes much easier to get & therefor can be abused in a way to make 2x more money than you would on a main account. I.e: Onyx gundams makes +- 350-500m/hour on a main, a ironman with similar gear would make 700m-1b While it's good on paper theres the draw backs also of you having to play a main if you want to buy in-names. This is fixed as of next reboot, I've coded in a way to only show the drops to the player dropping
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