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  1. Any chance you could allow ironman players to buy in-name donations? Since we can trade you in-game, we trade you the cash, the person donates in our name and then you pay that person the cash we gave you.
  2. This is awesome. Thank you mana! Still a little bit sad about my duplicate owner cape 😕
  3. As of right now, if you try to drop something on your ironman the item will be deleted with no warning. I think that if you want to block ironman drop trade that's fine, but there should at least be a warning your item will get deleted, or even make it like it was shortly after the update where nothing happens when you try to drop an item. But truth be told, i really don't see a problem with ironman drop-trading items. In fact, i think drop trading is really usefull for ironman, because then we can drop our duplicate items over to our mains to buy in-name donations for our irons.
  4. 1. General Information What is smash raids? Smash raids is a fully custom raid where you have to defeat a certain number of random bosses before facing the final boss: Bowser. What is cool about it is that the bosses you face before bowser changes every raid you do, so every time it's a unique experience. What are the rewards? There are a lot of good drops to get at smash raids, including full bowser set (best-in-slot for melee), yoshi pet (best in slot pet) and the onyx donator scroll. You can view the full drop table here: What gear do I need? It's high
  5. Account name: Aegon Game mode: Ironman Donator rank: Diamond Time played: 3D 20H Miscellaneous items Owner cape Ring of death Ring of chaos Colletor amulet [ICON] Upgraded collectors icon Extreme colletors icon Upg. raids helm Upg. raids body Upg. raids legs Upg. raids boots Upg. raids gloves Infinite furious potion Infinite prayer potion Ranged items BFG900 BFG900 Off Hand Frieza helm Frieza body Frieza legs Frieza boots Frieza gloves Magic items Oathkeeper Manray mask Manray body Manray legs Manray boots Manray gloves Ext.
  6. - Added money-making section for ::upgrade
  7. - Added onyx gundam to the list
  8. - Fixed the images - Added some more information Please let me know if you think something else should be added to this guide!
  9. AZERITE MONEY MAKERS 1. Adventure pikachus (100-200m per hour) Requirements: * 2b1 Keyblade or better is not necessary but recommended * Collector amulet is pretty much required if you plan on grinding this for a while. Believe it or not, killing adventure pikachus is a great money maker, specially for new players. They have a 1 in 75 chance of dropping a Pikachu Minigun, which you can then sell on ::pos for 5-7m each You can get there by clicking the big red T next to your minimap and selecting adventure pikachus. 2. KH Raids 1 (100m-500m per hour, depe
  10. AZERITE IRONMAN GUIDE 1. Creating your account When logging in for the first time make sure you select the ironman mode before you press confirm. 2. General tips * Vote every 12 hours, but only claim on mondays to get twice as much vote points. * Buy Legendary boxes for 25 vote points and then upgrade them into Goodieboxes. Upgrade the goodieboxes into x50 $1 caskets for a chance to get Bfg offhand and energy sword. * Do every ::eventboss and ::voteboss that you see. Contrary to popular belief, it's 20 random people who get loot, so your dps doesn't matter.
  11. Aegon


    >> Add a warning message when doing ::empty >> Fix the ::vote command >> Use tab to reply to non-friends >> Upgrade to the BFG to take some out of the game. It's currently the BIS ranged weapon and people have been selling them for 300m >> Replace the 2b1 keyblade from hard slayer shop with the fenrir keyblade, as you're gonna get the 2b1 from starterzone after update anyways. >> Make magic viable >> Achievement system with rewards (Ik you told me to look in #suggestions before suggestings, but there is nothing pinned abou
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