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  1. remove septhros and put thanos there no real good place to kill him other than in its 1 zone location
  2. donator pet does 50% damage unless it was fixed pingu is also 35% damage boost not 50
  3. have it so randomly if multi people are killing that 1 person gets the loot but up to only 4 get the kc verses 1 person getting lott ant kc
  4. I have been playing this server for a while and love it the customs to the cool bosses it make this server more unique than the rest custom servers out there with this most recent home change and update looks amazing my name in game is Thatfriend and anyone can feel free to add me i try to be on daily with carpal tunnel i can't be on for 2 long i look forward to seeing new players and staff member promoted and see this server grow to have the most players in game
  5. thatfriend


    have an npc option in shops to just click and sell the junk and or add more things missing from junk store that u normally can't sell and allowed to sell
  6. when you sell or buy depending on where like pos or junk you can't leave a # in where x goes and saves it you have to type it every time make it so when you put the quantity number you want to buy or sell saved so you dont have to hit that # every time
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