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  1. I'm really glad to see some seriously thought out suggestions come forward. I saw your post but I wanted to give myself sometime to learn a little more about the way the server worked before giving any feed back. I've been playing for about a week now so this could be a good opportunity to grab some idea of what the server is like to a fresh account. I'll just address some things one by one as you listed them: Slayer rework: I think the contents of the shop, and in some cases the items in the shop themselves, might need re-thinking. Having a single currency for the items w
  2. Could we have it that when the Orc says "Your 'X' attacks cannot harm me!" the same over head prayer will also appear as an indicator. I often miss the message and am unsure if I could switch or not. Also often I will switch when I don't need to, thinking I could have missed the message, and causes my kill to take much longer.
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