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The #1 Custom RuneScape Private Server

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Server Rules

1. Flaming, Disrespect, Harassment, and Inappropriate Content.
Punishment: Mute/IP-Mute
* The use of inappropriate or disrespectful language towards another player’s (Race, Religion, Beliefs and Harassing) IS NOT TOLERATED.
* Accusing other players of breaking rules. (Scamming, Hacking, Botting, Fake Giveaways, Fake Drop Parties or anything regarding this). If you have * * * evidence of a rule being broke make a report.
* Advertising fake giveaways, drop parties and events.
* Content that is advertised on all chat channels (Discord, In-game and Forums) if deemed inappropriate per staff member’s decision.
* Harassing and disrespecting staff members, whether it’s asking information or requesting ranks.

2. Advertising

Punishment: Permanent Ban
* Known links (YouTube, Social Media, Information) are allowed, if advertised a link that contains and links to an entire new site is not allowed.
* YOU are not allowed to advertise other RSPS related material.

3. Spamming

Punishment: Mute/Ban
* Any act of spamming will that affects the gameplay of other players.
* You are not allowed to abuse Yell take your time between sending messages
* Auto-Typers are not allowed to be used.

4. Misleading Links, Hacking and Threats

Punishment: IP-BAN
* Misleading links are NOT allowed. 
* Hacking in any shape/form.
* Threating members that will put their life, security and reputation at risk.
* Sharing private/personal information. WILL not be tolerated

5. Evasions

Punishment: Ban/IP-Ban
* Trying to avoid your punishments, (Mute, Jail, Bans or any kind of punishment) will result in a permanent ban with no appeal.

6. Real World Trading

Punishment: Ban/IP-Ban
* Purchasing or Selling any accounts, items, gold, tickets whatever has value in Azerite for ANY payment methods will result in a permanent ban.

7. Encouraging Others to Break Rules
Punishment: Mute/Ban
* Any activity that indicates a player is attempting to help/encourage another player.


8. Bug Abuse

Punishment: Perm Ban/IP-Ban
* Abusing bugs, dupes, exploits or any type of offenses that will hurt the game-play of others or the Azerite itself.

9. Scams, Refunds and Disconnections

Punishment: Mute/Ban
* If you have disconnected while playing Azerite your items will not be refunded unless deemed otherwise.
* Different type of scams, (Impostering, deceiving other players, Gambling).
* If you were scammed by any other players, we would require SOLID proof that you have been scammed to receive your refund. Yet refunds are not guaranteed depending on the situation. As in if the money was not on the scammers account. Make sure to use staff as a middle man.
* Account sharing is allowed but it’s under your own risk and the account owner is responsible for whomever commits offenses on the account.
* Refunds due to bugs/issues will be only refunded if the person has solid proof of the lost items/cash.

10. Yell Channel

Punishment: Mute
* Use of Yell to bait, troll, or any abuse is not tolerated and will result in a mute.
* Advertising over yell for streams, videos is acceptable but within a reasonable amount of time gaps. Being afk is not allowed.

11. Voting

Punishment: Ban
* The use of VPN/3rd party clients to boost your votes is not allowed and is not tolerated, this harms the server more than it helps.

12. Support Clan Chat

Punishment: Kick/Ban from CC or Mute
* Trolling, disruptive behavior.
* Advertising.

13. Griefing

Punishment: Jail/Ban
* Planting on others flowers.
* Ruining events, players-game play.

14. Accounts

Punishment: Jail
* You are permitted to use 3 accounts (1 Main, 2 AFK) or (1 Main, Iron Man, AFK) or (1 Main, 1 Gamble, 1 AFK) or (1 Main, 1 Iron Man, 1 Gamble)

Note - You cannot have your main and iron at the same activity

15. Crashing
Punishment: Jail
* Crashing other members PVMING any of any sort. Must have solid proof.


16. Gambling
* If NO staff member is available to middle man, please record all bets and gambling sessions otherwise if a "Scam" occurs there won't be any refunds unless VIDEO proof is provided.
* Black Jack if a 100 is rolled by BOTH parties a re-roll will happen, however (EXAMPLE: player A (GAMBLER) got a 99 and play B (HOST) got a 99, the host most proceed to beat the player A's number.
* 55x2, 54 or lower result in a HOST WIN. 55 or higher result in a BETTOR WIN
* Dice Dueling, Games are always best of 3 in the order 1 roll per person. Either roll 1 per player 3 times or 3 rolls at once.  Nothing else.


17. Macroing

Punishment:  Ban
* Using third party software to gain an advantage over another player (Autoclicker) etc. -Exception Allowed when opening boxes-

18. Item Lending
*Lending items is at your own risk. If you lend your items and the other player loses them, they will not be refunded to you.


Afking pvm anywhere in the game is not allowed, if you're caught you will be jailed


20. Gambling without having the items/cash

Punishment: will immediately gamble ban, pending possible account ban / ipban


21. Camping Starter zone for upgrades (its for starters, go to the regular spawns for grinding)

Punishment 1000 rocks

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