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The #1 Custom RuneScape Private Server

Aegon's Ironman Adventure

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Account name: Aegon
Game mode: Ironman
Donator rank: Diamond
Time played: 3D 20H


Miscellaneous items
Owner cape
Ring of death
Ring of chaos

Colletor amulet [ICON]
Upgraded collectors icon
Extreme colletors icon
Upg. raids helm

Upg. raids body
Upg. raids legs

Upg. raids boots
Upg. raids gloves

Infinite furious potion
Infinite prayer potion


Ranged items
BFG900 Off Hand

Frieza helm
Frieza body
Frieza legs
Frieza boots
Frieza gloves


Magic items
Manray mask
Manray body
Manray legs
Manray boots
Manray gloves
Ext. gundam helm
Ext. gundam body
Ext. gundam legs
Ext. gundam wings
Ext. gundam boots
Ext. gundam gloves


Melee items
Fenrir keyblade
Raids scythe

Dual killers
Bone scythe
Bowser mask
Bowser body
Bowser legs
Bowser boots
Bowser gloves


Easter pet
Donator pet


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Кто то может помочь ??
Не могу написать в топик.
С уважением.

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