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Hot fixes 01-12-21

-some more changes to some customs (1h to 2h, more dmg to balance out no off-hand, etc)

-fixed UIM icon Part 2 (didnt full fix it last time for some reason)

- ::settitle colorId title   --- changed the set title to specify a color from 1 to 14 to take less space on the title length /handle color for people who dont know the codes. might support more color in the futur.

- ::settitle no longer allows staff crowns & some unallowed words to be added (mod,trusted,owner,etc)

- fixed supports having the same perms as mod

- added voteboss & event boss spawn command to support so we don't have to distribute manray tickets anymore

- fixed ingame forum moderator rank

- lowered the drop rate of christmas present from 1/2250 to 1/1000 on elves

- nerfed paragon custom (too busted for our liking)

- fixed hard Smash raids only giving 1 raid token

- fixed the bowser set giving effect without shell 

- buffed the amount of 1$ casket granted by Hard Smash raids (from 1 to 5)

- fixed UIM not getting the upgrade boost (visually)

- buffed grinch from 10 players to 12 players receiving drop

- removed the turmoil showing a range/magic bonus until we re-enable the bonus at a later date

- buffed the amount of presents in the xmas box 

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Могу я связаться с админом ??
Речь идет о рекламе на вашем сайте.
С уважением.

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Где админ?
Речь идет о рекламе на вашем сайте.
С уважением.

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