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  12. Hello sir did you get this solved? if not sent me an pm on forum or on discord
  13. it wont let me downlaod the server keeps saying this file is at risk is that because its a ar file? i have no clue how to download them
  14. Fe ore


    G'day everyone, Just thought I'd introduce myself I'm 27 years young work full time and trying to start a family. #australian I've played rsps for many years never really tried the custom ones but I thought I give this server a crack. I'm enjoying it so far only really play ironman. Hoping to get some gains. See you all ingame Cheers mates.
  15. Requesting Ruby donator rank on forums. Thank you 🙂
  16. Guest

    cant log in

    i neeeeeeed ur help please help me to reach u or send me ur discord name to contact u
  17. peon

    Guide List

    General Knowledge Starter Guide COMPLETE AND COMPREHENSIVE BEGINNERS GUIDE (FAQ) Ironman progression guide! Azerite Gear Guide Azerite Weapon Guide Shield, Ring, Amulet Guide Pet Guide! Donator zone guide PVM Guides Global Bosses Guide In-depth KH2 Guide SMASH Raids Guide Master Slayer Guide Raids Guide Money Making Christmas Event Money Maker Best money makers for mains! money making guide Skilling
  18. Shield: Death Protector Shield: Drop From: Lucifer´s pet Sell to: ::junk Berserker Shield: Drop From: Broly Sell to: ::junk Galvik Teddy Bear: Drop From: Galvik Sell to: ::junk, ::pos Azerite Teddy Bear: Drop From: ::upgrade galvik teddy Sell to: ::pos Weed Bladed Shield: Drop From: Azerite Golden Warrior, ::upgrade, Smash Raids Sell to: ::pos Treason Shield: Combine Treason shield half 1 +2 to make Treason Shield. Part 1: Drop from Orc
  19. I'm really glad to see some seriously thought out suggestions come forward. I saw your post but I wanted to give myself sometime to learn a little more about the way the server worked before giving any feed back. I've been playing for about a week now so this could be a good opportunity to grab some idea of what the server is like to a fresh account. I'll just address some things one by one as you listed them: Slayer rework: I think the contents of the shop, and in some cases the items in the shop themselves, might need re-thinking. Having a single currency for the items w
  20. Could we have it that when the Orc says "Your 'X' attacks cannot harm me!" the same over head prayer will also appear as an indicator. I often miss the message and am unsure if I could switch or not. Also often I will switch when I don't need to, thinking I could have missed the message, and causes my kill to take much longer.
  21. more starter npc drops a mid game drop rate (1/1000)
  22. Hi all, Sadness and I have been talking around with our mates/people in-game and have put together a rather large suggestions thread, we are all mainly endgame - however have really thought about how the game progresses and what would be ideal for the game, ranging all the way from beginner/mid game content - right to endgame. That being said, we will be looking at the thread regularly and looking at any relevant changes we feel necessary to our ideas - so please do be 100% honest and serious with your input, as we have put quite a bit of time into this. That being said, we have or
  23. To start off, I know you guys already did a slayer rework update in the past but keep in mind, this is just a suggestion that could be added to the game, could always add your personal touch to it. This would consist of having a lil amount of each npc's from every single task corresponding to each different categories of slayer (Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme, Master). This would consist in having a superior npc to appear whenever doing a slayer task (could have rates increase for every slayer tiers. Ex. : Easy slayer tasks could have a rate of 1/5k to get
  24. Support, after you reach the max melee/range sets you're kinda forced to get a custom to actually upgrade so a bunch of new weapons obtainable in game would be dope.
  25. Slayer Slayer shop So First off. I believe the Master slayer shop needs a rework. Currently the only item worth purchasing is the Extreme collectors Icon which is 9,000 points. Which I feel is a fair amount for it to be worth, however the Owners attachment is 15,000 points. The QT box is 11,000 and the Ring of Death is 10,000 points. I feel like these prices are far too high and should either be lowered or removed from the shop in general as they are attainable either through Master Slayer itself and Smash for Owners attachment and far too saturated in the market as is. I'd su
  26. some of those will already come in the futur smash pet wont be part of raid box rest is coming in the futur already with variations
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