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  1. Hello sir did you get this solved? if not sent me an pm on forum or on discord
  2. peon

    Guide List

    General Knowledge Starter Guide COMPLETE AND COMPREHENSIVE BEGINNERS GUIDE (FAQ) Ironman progression guide! Azerite Gear Guide Azerite Weapon Guide Shield, Ring, Amulet Guide Pet Guide! Donator zone guide PVM Guides Global Bosses Guide In-depth KH2 Guide SMASH Raids Guide Master Slayer Guide Raids Guide Money Making Christmas Event Money Maker Best money makers for mains! money making guide Skilling
  3. Shield: Death Protector Shield: Drop From: LuciferĀ“s pet Sell to: ::junk Berserker Shield: Drop From: Broly Sell to: ::junk Galvik Teddy Bear: Drop From: Galvik Sell to: ::junk, ::pos Azerite Teddy Bear: Drop From: ::upgrade galvik teddy Sell to: ::pos Weed Bladed Shield: Drop From: Azerite Golden Warrior, ::upgrade, Smash Raids Sell to: ::pos Treason Shield: Combine Treason shield half 1 +2 to make Treason Shield. Part 1: Drop from Orc
  4. can also be the cache files that miss some files in there when you did download caches
  5. Access to the Donator Zone ::Dzone. Ability to use ::Bank. Access to ::Yell command. 2% Extra drop rate. 2% Extra double drop rate. Prayer drains reduced by 33%. 1/15 chance you will save your crystal key when used on chest. 10% chance to get extra loot from smash raids. ::dzone is a skilling zone that contains! Wootcut. Thieving. Fishing. Cooking. Mining. Smithing. Summoning. Hunter (kingly impling). Crafting. Emerald Donator - $50 Access to the Donator Zone ::Dzone, ::Ezone. Ability
  6. peon


    Welcome to the server
  7. peon

    Killcount Tracking

    atm we have a tracker of npcs, if you go to quest tab (blue star) then choose the Azerite tools - then click on Npc Kill Log
  8. peon

    Trivia Shop

    i will take this up to a staff meeting.
  9. peon

    IP banned??

    pm me here or on discord with account name
  10. peon

    New player

    Hello. First about the lagg yes this will be fixed at next update, we are aware of the issues and we tried to make a bit change to make it less lag for now. About the guides i have made a starter guide, gear guide and weapon guide for a start feel free to check those out.
  11. peon

    Pet Guide!

    yes for now but will be changed in next update thats why its 35 on guide
  12. Range: Dual Beratta: Drop From: Road Runner Sell to: Assault Rifle: Drop From: Artillery Box drop from mewtwo Loot From: Artillery Box Sell to: AK-47: Drop From: Bugs Bunny, Sylvesta Loot From: Artillery Box, Sell to: Minigun: Drop From: Artillery Box drop from mewtwo Loot From: Artillery Box Sell to: Scroped Rifle: Drop From: Artillery Box drop from mewtwo Loot From: Artillery Box Sell to: Camo AK-47: Drop From: Artillery Box drop from mewtwo Loot From: Arti
  13. Melee Gear: DarkBeginner Dragon Set: Drop From: Road Runner, Bugs Bunny, Paralyzed Azerite, Dark Invisus Set: Drop From: Blue Ghost. Sell to ::junk Rongen Set: Drop From: Sylvester, Slimer. Sell to ::junk Assassin Set: Drop From: Porky Pig, Mario. Sell to ::junk Torva Set: Drop From: Toxic Azeryte. Sell to ::junk Baphomet Torva Set: Loot From: Baphomet Box Golden Set: Drop From: Roosty, Rick, Morty. Sell to ::junk Goku Set: Drop From: Goku, and can buy it from
  14. peon

    Raids Guide

    Welcome to the Azerite raids guide we have 4 kind of raids on the server i will explain how to get to each raids, how the raids works and what gear i will suggest to have, and last what reward you can get from it. The 4 raids are: Raids 1 (multi raids) Raids 2 (solo raids) KH Raids (solo raids) Smash Raid (multi raids) Raids 1: Is a raid with 4 waves each raids you need to kill all the npc in each waves to get to the next one, you need to deal 100k damage before you are able to get loot at the end of the raids, after all npc is killed the raids will
  15. Welcome to Azerite community. This is a guide for new players to follow which i hope can help you out on your adventure, in this guide i will explain: Home Starterzone Prayer Slayer Cash Zone Global Bosses Progression Manager Upgrade System Player Owned Shops Afk Content Tips And Trick To get home use ::home and it will teleport you to home area that has: North part of home contains Raids area with portals to khraids and smash raids. East part of home contains Slayer masters Extreme Gun
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